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Daily archive Sep 14, 2011

Watch Ringer’s Amazingly Bad Boat Scene (VIDEO)

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] Season premieres started just last night, and already I think we have a winner for Worst Scene of the Fall Season. It comes courtesy of Ringer, The CW’s tale of identical twins (one rich, one a former junkie stripper, of course) with secrets upon secrets upon secrets starring Sarah...

Is 90210 Traveling Down the Same (Unfortunate) Road as Glee?

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] “Say hello to college, bitches.” Yes, the 90210 gang is off to the hallowed halls of fictional California University—well, those of them who haven’t already opted out of higher education. But after Tuesday’s Season 4 premiere, I’m wondering if this is a journey I want to take with them....

M!KE Licensing Announces Launch of the Laura Ashley Collection of Scotties Facial Tissue Exclusively at Target

East Rutherford, NJ September 14, 2011 – M!KE Licensing (, one of the nation’s leading licensing firms, announced today that Laura Ashley, the quintessential English lifestyle brand, will be launching a signature collection of Scotties Facial Tissue at Target beginning this month. New packaging has been designed with signature Laura Ashley prints, and the...

What Is Inside NDFEB Disc Magnets?

Industrial processing of high-tech hardware and electronics requires more than a few loops of copper wire and some silicon. In the age of microprocessors and designs that are shrinking beyond recognition from normal eyesight, it is necessary to equip products with the tools needed for 21st century designs. One revolution in computer hardware has come...

Images Of Johnny Depp As ‘Barnabas’ On The Set Of ‘Dark Shadows’

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Stallone Confirms Chuck Norris & Van Damme For ‘The Expendables 2′

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The Ringer Premiere Wasn’t Great, But I’m Hooked All the Same

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] Bridget or Siobhan? Siobhan or Bridget? I realized something about twenty minutes into the series premiere of Ringer. Well, two things: 1) that it was a stilted, deeply flawed pilot, and 2) that I was already hooked. This isn’t the first time this has happened: I’m often drawn to...

CBS Is Making a Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] DEVELOPMENT NEWS: … CBS loves procedurals that feature hard-nosed sleuths, whether those hard-nosed sleuths are in the Navy (NCIS), Miami (CSI: Miami), or just too darned handsome for words (The Mentalist). But who is the best sleuth of all time? That’s elementary, it’s Sherlock Holmes, holmes. CBS is developing...

What To Include In Your Emergency Supply Kit

There has been a lot of talk recently about preparing for disaster. While it often seems that discussions about disaster are based on farfetched theories and apocalyptic superstition, those that say we should be prepared may have a point. After all, the last year alone has seen devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes in all...

Community: We Talk to Joel McHale and Alison Brie about Emmys Snubs, John Goodman, and Theme Episodes for Season 3 (VIDEO)

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] <img src="" Yesterday we brought you some face time with Community stars Chevy Chase, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Greendale’s new biology prof on the block, Michael K. Williams. Now here’s our interview with Joel McHale and <a…  More >> Powered By | Full Text RSS Feed |...

Watch Some New Preview Footage from Charlie Sheen’s Comedy Central Roast (VIDEO)

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] Six more days and counting to The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. The show has already taped, and god knows there’s plenty of spoilers out there if you’re the type who just can’t wait until it airs. In fact, here are a few now! The network has released...