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Word From Our Sponsor That The Most Important Assets Can Be Covered With Business Property Insurance NJ Policies

There are many risks involved with operating a business, but there are some you can avoid altogether. You can avoid paying out of pocket for many things if you get a business property insurance NJ policy. You won’t have to worry about covering losses in case of the unexpected happening. Here are a few things...

A Deep Undercover Mission and the return of Boba, Bane and Bossk On The Next Clone Wars

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The American Idol Premiere: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] After the disastrous first season of The X Factor, the return of American Idol for an eleventh season on Fox seems a bit of a relief. The show is annoying, yes, but at least it’s a slickly packaged and easy-to-digest brand of annoying. Last night, the show kicked off...

New LIMA Webinar Feb. 8: “Special Entertainment Branding Platforms”

The next session in the popular LIMA Webinar Series will feature “Special Entertainment Branding Platforms” on Wednesday, February 8 from 12:00-1:30pm. Stage shows, theme parks, ice shows, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, children’s museums…all provide enriching experiences with a brand and opportunities to test and sell new content and products. “Special Entertainment Branding Platforms” will...

Sector watch: Sports

Sports is one of the highest-profile property types in the licensing business, and the easiest to relate to one of the primary drivers of licensing in general: EMOTION. All licensing is built on emotion, be it trust in a brand, the sense of humor associated with a character appreciation of a piece of art...

Michonne Appearing In The 3rd Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’?

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Theo Rossi To Guest-Star On Fox’s Alcatraz

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Aussie News Briefs

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] We take a look at this week’s TV news, channel by channel! Seven Fans of Santo, Sam and Ed’s World Cup Fever! (aired on SBS during the 2010 FIFA World Cup) will be excited to hear that the three are getting a new, comedic sports-review show. Santo, Sam and...

News Briefs: A Sex and the City Prequel Is Headed to The CW

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] SHOE SALE NEWS … Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! OMG you guys The CW ordered a pilot for The Carrie Diaries, an adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City prequel! The show would be set in the 1980s, when Carrie Bradshaw’s total number of boy-toy conquests was still in the single digits...

The 28 Most Handsome Moments from White Collar’s Midseason Premiere

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] White Collar fans rejoice! USA’s most entertaining thievery procedural returned last night and we finally learned what happened when Neal’s old treasure-hunter pal/nemesis Keller kidnapped Peter’s wife Elizabeth as retribution for Neal’s theft of a boatload of Nazi U-Boat treasure. (Whew!) It was an awkward situation, as it placed...

Watch the Downton Abbey-Themed "Sh*t Dowager Countesses Say" (VIDEO)

[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content] If you’ve been following our recaps of Downton Abbey‘s second season, you know how much we live for every raised eyebrow and snooty maxim to tumble from the lips of Maggie Smith’s Violet Crawley. I personally don’t know any Dowager Countesses, but I like to imagine they are all...